Permanent Jewelry is the new way to bond with those you love the most! Couples, best friends, mom & daughter, bridesmaids and more; can all enjoy this beautiful experience together. Each bracelet, anklet, ring & necklace we create is custom fit specially for you. 

The best part is we can bring this bonding experience right to your door. We love doing private parties, bachelorettes, weddings, ect. The possibilities are endless! You can also find us at various pop up shops or at our pink salon. 

So what are you waiting for?! Come and get Latched by us!

Friendship | Love | effortless

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One Chain
Two Chains
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Silver $50         14K Gold $70
Silver $80         14K Gold $120 
Silver $130      14K Gold $190

Silver $90         14K Gold $130
Silver $160       14K Gold $240 
Silver $250       14K Gold $370



Silver $70         14K Gold $90

One Chain
Two Chains
Three Chains









Absolutely not! You wont feel a thing when getting your beautiful jewelry latched on. No heat or spark touches the skin.  For extra protection we place a barrier between your skin and bracelet. Latched jewelry is safe for all ages! 

With proper care, your jewelry will lasts until you want it off! This is fine jewelry, designed for everyday wear but it's not invincible. We provide you with all the instructions needed to properly care for your jewelry and make it last.

Currently we offer .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold filled, & Rose Gold. Solid gold is available with preorders. All our chains are designed to last for many years without tarnishing. They are water resistant and great for sensitive skin.

Not to worry! Simply cut at the jumpring with scissors or wire cutters, or come in and we can help you. Save your jewelry  & we will re-weld it when you are able to. 

The great thing about this experience is how quick it is! Each appointment is about 20 minutes long. This will give you plenty of time to browse our chains & charms and for us to get you latched. 

No! Our fine jewelry is so dainty that it won't trigger the alarm. 

We know life happens! Not to worry, if your bracelet breaks at the jump ring, we do offer a one time complementary reattachment. Just save your chain and we will latch it back on. Anytime after that there is a $15 reattachment fee. 
If your chain is not in its original condition, a replacement chain will need to be purchased. 

On an every day basis, gentle soap and warm water is plenty to keep your jewelry clean. We provide you with a small brush with your first appointment that can be used to clean your chain. If you would like a deeper clean, we recommend a baking soda & water paste or lemon juice with olive oil. 

Absolutely! We love hosting private events & getting to bond with each one of you. 

We offer private parties for 5+ guests. There is a travel fee, which is calculated based on location and a booking fee of $200.  As the host you will receive a free bracelet of your choice (sterling or gold filled)! 

Send us a message for more details!