Feel Stately

The Stately Rose Beauty Studio has a team of talented & trusted hair and makeup professionals, ready to create your ideal wedding look. Our goal is to empower every single woman to feel gorgeous and powerful in her hair, makeup, and skin throughout their entire bridal journey. 

Our artists are experienced in traditional and airbrush makeup, which is customized for each individual bride & their tribe. We use only the best makeup brands to ensure long lasting & flawless makeup, 
throughout the whole day. We will walk you through the proper hair care and prep to ensure your hairstyle will last while you dance the night away! 

Get Beautiful With Us

Your trusted Hair & Makeup Team

- Johanna

The owner and founder of The Stately Rose Beauty Studio. My career in beauty starts as a little girl with a big dream. Sweeping hair and folding towels at a local family owned salon opened my eyes to the wonders and power of beauty. After getting my cosmetology license in high school my passion for makeup exploded!

I trained and worked with top bridal teams in CT while climbing the ranks at corporate companies like MAC, Ulta, and Sephora. My passion for makeup and artistry had become an Obsession! I had a new dream of blending my experiences into creating a salon that would focus on all things beauty. And we are all beautiful. If we look and feel beautiful, the rest will take care of itself. I am a first generation Latin-American who was raised by a single mother that instilled an unwavering work ethic with the highest of moral standards.

I have two wonderful + crazy boys, a sweet baby girl and an amazing husband who pushes me to be my best everyday and never settle. These core family values have inspired me to create a sense of community and inclusion for all who work with me at The Stately Rose Beauty Studio.

By women, for women, empowering women.
Stay stately, my Roses! 

By women, for women,
empowering women!

At The Stately Rose, we strive to build a community where beauty is the heartbeat. A place that brings out each women's natural beauty and puts it in focus. Because all women are beautiful, and here that is not only celebrated but it's the why behind everything we do.
We surround ourselves with like minded talented artists + stylists who push each other to grow and reach new creative boundaries. Here everyone is welcome and treated like family, you know the good ones!
We want everyone to leave our doors feeling stately, empowered and ready to take on the world!

The heart behind what we do